Electric motor nameplate includes all the important information about equipment

When the electric motor does not work, you will not discover the problem if the person staying just facing the electric motor. An electric motor that has been stored for a long time or can not work independently of their appearance.

The first tip to try to discover the electric motor of the problem is to use a simple ohm meter.

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After checking the outside of the electric motor is time to check the electric motor nameplate. The electric motor nameplate is nothing more than a metal or other markings or labels that have high durability and are fixed on the outside of the electric motor housing receiving the stator frame name.

All the important information you need to know about the electric motor are on the label and without it will be difficult to determine which is the adequacy of the electric motor and its function.

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Meet the problems caused in the electric motor driven by the carbonization process

The electric motor suffers from the carbonization process which is nothing more than the input of coal waste in the electric motor and for this, the electric motor must be submitted to the decarbonisation process is the removal of these deposits that originated because of burning fuel.


The main symptoms of an electric motor that is carbonized are internal compression suffers a considerable increase caused by the carbon buildup in the walls of the chamber that performs combustion and the head of the piston and thus the electric motor needs to work harder to become operational; pre-ignition is also very common and the result is “bursts” when the electric motor starts running; when a lot of coal in the electric motor, the performance suffers loss of strength and power and the result will be an increase in fuel consumption.

The electric motor is in the carbonization process operates overheating and the result is a braked electric motor or piston head can be perforated.

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Types electric motors

Electric motors are machines responsible for making the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Today it is the most efficient way to make the transformation of energy, it is no wonder that it has become one of the most used and today has many brands and models to meet different end applications as well.

The types of electric motors best prices for 26AZ40H56 usually split between single-phase and three-phase models. The single-phase electric motors have only one power phase and have no rotating field as three-phase motors. The pulsating magnetic field is present in single-phase model.

With respect to the three-phase electric motor model, there are two types, the first is the one with coiled rotor and the second rotor with the cage. For both types have the same operating principle, the difference is that the motor with cage rotor is a simpler type.

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During the electric motor transport should be avoided spasmodically

The packaging, the receipt transport, handling and storage are also important points when it comes to electric motor.

After the electric motor has been delivered, to carry the electric motor to the tank and important that the electric motor is transported in small units and carts that have wheels with tube and even floor; to stow large units or electric motors are many heavy, the electric motor should be placed on wooden pallets to be transported in trucks, carts or crane to be suspended by eyelets.

The eyelets hooks are designed with the sole function of supporting the weight of the electric motor and for that reason, should not be raised electric motor ac motors at mro supply coupled to any system.

Ideally, the electric motor is driven and deposited smoothly and without sudden shock, as such shocks in the electric motor can result in damage to the bearings or breakage of the terminal box, feet, cap and other parts of the electric motor.

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Structure electric motor

When referring to the structure of an electric motor we are mentioning on its composition. That part is very important, especially to understand how the machine performs its main function.

For those who do not know the function of the electric motor is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this there are specific parts and internal procedure. Here we know what they are so that you can understand how it works, find out more about it.

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This energy transformation is based on having three magnetic field coils. The engine inside is the one that will run for the same, it is very important to understand that part, because it makes all the difference for those studying an engine.

Most modern engines are gaining different runs, as they evolve and this is very important as it will become more targeted and simpler, although they have the same function.

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Learn what causes losses in the electric motor

The loss is nothing more than all the energy used and that is not converted into work by the engine.

The losses in the electric motor can be: Joule losses, which occur when the electric motor rotor or stator suffer with increasing temperature; loss in the core; mechanical friction losses, or ventilation; additional losses, losses occur when the pulse of magnetic flux in teeth loss occurring due to the higher harmonic of the magnetic field and also for losses caused by construction tolerances or imperfections.


When man intervenes to improve, it can work more efficiently and it also gives the electric motor. As the electric motor is the driving force behind the industrial development, the need to improve human losses both to improve the development of industry and to reduce the consumption of electricity.

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